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    “Improving my leadership skills helped me get a promotion while working fewer hours.” ‍


    “I overcame my fear of failure. I finally believe that I have what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur.”


    "I had a great experience with Chris's coaching. He is a great listener, especially at the beginning to get to know me and my personal goals. I look forward to working with him again."


    “I started working with Chris during a transitional period from school to work life. I was struggling to find clarity in what I wanted to do with my time off of school and Chris gave me great advice on ways to focus and organize my time. One of the most valuable things I learned from him was to take things step-by-step so I don’t overwhelm myself. I appreciated his check-ins that held me accountable for following through with my plans. I had a great experience working with Chris and I plan to remember his advice as I navigate new challenges.”